STAR Scholarship & Grants

STAR Grant

UPDATED: 4/4/2019

Celebrate Hmong is here to cultivate Hmong creative excellence and that starts with giving you a $350 grant!



Voting ends on April 19, 2019 @ 11;59 PM.

As part of our inaugural celebration, we are asking YOU to help us highlight emerging artists within the Hmong community are those whose talents have not quite been discovered yet in the visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, or film. Help us by nominating people (or yourself) who fit this description. Nominees must identify as having Hmong heritage, agree to being interviewed, have select photos published and potentially photographed for use with marketing materials for Celebrate Hmong. They can be from all ages and sectors.


  • Nomination Period (2/18 – 3/30)
  • Voting Period (4/4 – 4/19)
  • Live Announcement (Saturday, 4/20)


  • Voting begins when selected nominees are announced
  • Winner of $350 goes to the person with the most Likes, Comments, and shares.
  • Live Broadcast of the grant recipient on Saturday, 4/20.

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  1. Scholarships & grants open to all Hmong people, mentorship only for those in California
  2. To nominate an up-and-coming artist for a scholarship or grant, fill out the submissions form here.
  3. Scholarship & grant program is separate from art & media festival.
  4. Nominees for scholarships & grants are limited to one person, submissions to the art & media festival are unlimited in number
  5. Scholarships & Grants are a different process than submissions to the art & media festival – art & media festival submissions are unlimited.
  6. Any entries accepted to the art & media festival will receive a stipend that is SEPARATE from scholarships and grants.
  7. Artists accepted to the art & media festival are still eligible to receive scholarships and grants through nomination.
  8. Scholarships & grants will be given out based off a Facebook contest. The rules & regulations for the contest will be shared 2/18. First they need to be nominated (either self-nominated or by someone, consent to be on marketing materials (media release form), nomination video will be posted on CH facebook page. Person with the most shares and likes will win the $350 scholarship.

STAR Scholarships


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