Cultivating Hmong Creative Excellence

Our mission is to create a space where we can connect with aspiring, emerging, and established creators to inspire each other through visual art, literary art, performing art, and film.
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"The theme for this year's multidisciplinary art & media festival will take on envisioning our Hmong narratives in the future. “2020 Vision” acknowledges our history and aims to place us in a universe of our own design."

 Submissions are open: http://bit.ly/CelebrateHmong2020

It is a unique experience to be Hmong-American. To live in the duality of being both and traversing the plane of existence between the two spaces. How do we occupy that space?

As stories often repeat themselves–imagine, if you will, instead of refugees crossing the Mekong River, we were explorers crossing into uncharted galaxies? Maybe on another planet growing vegetables we discovered a new kind of alien plant that can be used in the making of new spicy flavors.

With four art disciplinary showcases (visual art, literary art, performing art, and film/video), help us weave the stories that evolve what it means to be Hmong.