Kasernyia Thao

Have you ever wanted to hear from your favorite Hmong writers? If so, you gotta make sure you come through for Kaser Thao during our How Do I Begin? Our Voices, Our Stories – Hmong American Narratives.

Kasernyia Thao is a young Hmong American Woman who finds serenity in creative outlets. Growing up, she struggled with her Hmong and American identities which ultimately led her to cling on to her American identity more than her Hmong identity. Over the years, she recaptured her passion and love for the Hmong culture. Her work embodies her experiences through the journey of self realization about her identity. In the future, she plans on sharing more of her work in hopes of inspiring other young Hmong Americans to embrace the beautiful Hmong language and culture that they were blessed to have.

Connect with Kasernyia Thao via Facebook or Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kasernyia